Pract Engineering offers a variety of products that address specific needs for single and dual axis solar tracking systems.  In addition to these products, Pract Engineering has the capabilities to custom design other products on a made to order basis.  We would be happy to discuss your design needs with you.

Current product offerings include the Trac-Stat SL-1 below.

Trac-Stat SL1

The Trac-Stat SL1 is the standard in diagnostic instrumentation for measuring tracker accuracy performance.  The SL1 is a high-resolution datalogging sensor that mounts on a solar tracker.  It records the angle of error between the sun and the tracker for use in the development of tracking, concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) and solar thermal systems.

Given the many sources of possible errors in a solar tracking system, either from tracker installation to wind loading to thermal expansion or algorithm errors, identifying and mitigating these issues is key to maximizing system performance and driving the cost-competitiveness of technologies like CPV that rely on accurate tracking.  

The Trac-Stat is typically mounted on a solar tracker to provide data on azimuth and elevation "pointing error".  It provides two sensing systems:  wide-angle and narrow-angle.  These two sensors,  in combination with the optics, filtration, and algorithms, provide flexible and robust performance under a range of operating conditions.  User interface occurs via a well-documented USB/serial interface (via laptop or other), or via a set of analog voltages.

The SL1 can help validate the accuracy of your tracker to help competitively position you and your company's products in the solar tracking industry.  It has become an industry standard for measuring tracker accuracy, whether you are evaluating a variety of other companies' trackers or you are producing your own tracker system and want to provide provide the SL1 as an integrated sale to measure accuracy in the field following installation and on an ongoing basis.

For more information on the Trac-Stat SL1, please click here for a printable product overview. If you are interested in discussing further, please contact Pract Engineering at or call 510.654.4990.  We would be happy to discuss the SL1 with you and help you address your tracking needs.